Peter Hemmer

Peter Hemmer

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First Name * Peter
Last Name * Hemmer
Username * TripletDad
Country * USA
City Melbourne
Nationality American
Languages English




I've been in the art field since 1987 with a BFA in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design and did my MFA course work there in Graphic Design. Spent most of my career doing graphic design and technical illustration until landing this job as an illustrator 6 years ago. Over the past couple years I've really been stretching myself artistically (mostly portraiture) to create illustrations that are art based and stop leaning on graphic design as a crutch- no insult meant to graphic designers- I just need to paint and draw more!
Been married for 14 years and father of 5 year old triplets. I want to paint portraits of my kids but they won't sit still long enough. Even the photos come out blurry!
I'm in process of getting a personal website up and running-it's stilll a work in progress, but it's up.
Thanks for stopping by...